Breaking Boundaries and Driving Change: The MLC’s Highlights from Music Biz 2023

As music industry experts and innovators gathered in Music City, TN for four days of enlightening panels, dynamic workshops, networking events and collaboration at the annual Music Biz Conference, members of The MLC had an opportunity to delve into the industry’s current landscape, illuminating challenges and driving positive solutions, ultimately working towards transformative change that reverberates throughout the global industry.

From topics like music publishing to streaming revenue, The MLC was involved in great panel discussions throughout the week. Maurice Russell, Head of Rights Management at The MLC, was a speaker on a thought-provoking panel about revolutionizing music publishing and promoting technological advancements in music publishing administration. Ellen Truley, Chief Marketing Officer at The MLC, participated in Music Biz’s roundtable and networking event that drew in attendees from all walks of the industry to discuss multifaceted topics including the significance of mentorship, the exploration of pathways to success and the undeniable importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity. Dae Bogan, Head of Third-Party Partnerships at The MLC, participated in a panel discussion centered around addressing fraudulent practices within the music industry, sharing effective strategies aimed at combating inconsistencies and promoting transparency. Serona Elton, Head of Educational Partnerships at The MLC, moderated a panel discussion surrounding the advancement of technology and how this enables accurate ownership data, which in turn propels revenue streams. Kris Ahrend, Chief Executive Officer at The MLC, delivered a presentation on the four revenue sources from music streaming. Lindsey Major, Head of Customer Experience at The MLC, participated in a panel discussion about the importance of music data and how that relates to revenue.

Each year, the Music Biz Conference recognizes trailblazers in the industry during their Bizzy Awards ceremony.

Lindsey Major was recognized as a finalist for the #NEXTGEN_NOW One To Watch Award, which honors executives under 40 whose work has been exceptional, innovative and stands out as a contribution to the industry.

Serona Elton took home the prestigious award for Music Business Educator of the Year, honoring her position as an esteemed visionary leader in the industry. Her remarkable contributions to the field of music education were celebrated, magnifying the profound impact she has made on the growth and development of the industry.

The Music Biz Conference 2023 provided a platform for The MLC to foster meaningful discussions on the industry's ever-evolving landscape. The MLC continues to offer technology-driven solutions. We look forward to Music Biz 2024!