Music Row: The MLC Partners With Software And Service Providers On Data Quality Initiative

The MLC announced today (Dec. 9) that four music data companies are joining its Data Quality Initiative (DQI), including: Blokur, Exactuals, Music Data Services, and TuneRegistry. Through their work with The MLC, these companies will make it much easier for their users and customers to participate in the DQI and check the accuracy of their musical works data in The MLC’s current database.

The DQI provides a streamlined way for music publishers, administrators, self-administered songwriters, composers and lyricists, and ex-US collective management organizations (CMOs) to compare their musical works data with The MLC’s data to ensure The MLC’s data is consistent with theirs. DQI Participants receive reports highlighting the discrepancies between the data they submit for comparison and The MLC’s data. Using these reports, participants can easily identify those discrepancies and then submit any corrections that are needed. Checking their data and making any needed corrections is one of the best things The MLC’s members can do to ensure they receive all of the mechanical royalties they are entitled to receive from The MLC.

Each company will take a different approach in helping their clients and customers participate in the DQI. Some are integrating new functionality into existing data-related products, services and software platforms that they already offer; others intend to work with their clients one-on-one to help them prepare and submit their comparison files and then review the results.

“We’re excited to work with a wide variety of companies that deal with music data, be they emerging tech startups or legacy players in the music space, because we want to help as many of our members as possible participate in our Data Quality Initiative,” says Dae Bogan, head of third party partnerships at The MLC. “They offer different tiers of service, from high-cost enterprise platforms to economical new software targeting self-administered songwriters and smaller publishers.”

“Our team is committed to making the process of checking data as efficient and effective as possible for all of our members,” says Kris Ahrend, CEO of The MLC. “Enabling innovative companies like these to make it easier for their users and customers to participate in our Data Quality Initiative helps The MLC achieve that important goal. We appreciate their willingness to help support the DQI.”

Companies interested in partnering with The MLC can get started here. More information on the Data Quality Initiative can be found here.

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