The MLC Expands Ambassador Programs to Increase Educational Outreach

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) has launched a new Student Ambassador program to complement its existing Educator Ambassador program. These programs allow qualified participants to earn an official designation, “MLC Ambassador,” by committing to share information about The MLC with their students or peers.  

Building on The MLC’s ongoing outreach and education initiatives, such as its toolkit for educators, the Ambassador programs provide educators and college students with a framework to certify their expertise and educate others about The MLC, the benefits of MLC membership, and digital mechanicals. Approved Ambassadors gain access to digital resources, virtual and in-person events and training, and private online communities designed to support further learning and professional development. This is a voluntary program, and there are no geographic requirements or limitations or cost to participate. 

The MLC Educator Ambassador program launched in the fall of 2021 and provides academic educators the opportunity to earn the designation “MLC Educator Ambassador” through an assessment of their knowledge about The MLC and commitment to continued dissemination of information about The MLC within their academic institution. The program is open to educators who teach courses in high schools, colleges, universities, and law schools. “Our MLC Educator Ambassador program provides a great opportunity for us to engage with instructors who teach about the music business, copyright, or licensing, and for instructors to demonstrate to their academic institutions that they have recognized expertise on the topic of digital mechanical licensing,” explains The MLC’s Head of Educational Partnerships Serona Elton, a long-time university professor. 

 The new MLC Student Ambassador program is open to all students currently enrolled in college or university classes. Student Ambassadors are required to demonstrate knowledge of what The MLC is and commit to spreading the word about The MLC to songwriters, composers, and lyricists in their local communities and on social media. As Ambassadors, they will support their musical peers, help them sign up for MLC membership, and get their songs registered while gaining valuable hands-on music business experience.  

MLC Student Ambassadors are going to help us reach songwriters and composers in local communities all over the United States, especially those who are studying music in school,” Elton notes. “Student Ambassadors themselves will gain professional music business experience by having repeated discussions regarding mechanical licensing and royalties and publishing administration. There is no better way to demonstrate knowledge of a topic than showing that you can teach it to someone else.” 

This community-based network supports The MLC’s mission to educate songwriters at every level. “Education plays a huge role in improving the accuracy of the data our industry relies on,” says The MLC’s CEO Kris Ahrend. “Creating a network of advocates and experts across the country who are knowledgeable about how The MLC works will help us educate many more creators about their rights and hopefully encourage more of them to connect with The MLC so they can receive the mechanical royalties they are owed.” 

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